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Back To School Glasses

Back to School Glasses From The Vision Place

With students returning to classes, it's time to think about your vision and those of your children. Eyesight is critical to learning. Poor vision could cause a decrease in academic performance. To ensure your kids have the best chance at success this school year, bring them to The Vision Place in San Antonio for an eye exam.

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Vision and School Performance

The learning process is cumulative. If a child with vision problems cannot see the classroom board, he cannot keep up with work. During the formative years of elementary education, children learn the fundamentals of reading, writing, and math. Should poor vision affect how well they acquire these basics, their entire academic career could be negatively affected. With up to 25 percent of children and teenagers showing vision problems, regular eye exams help both their eyesight and their education.

Just as children are growing, their vision could also change. That's why annual or biannual eye exams are so important. A child could have 20/20 vision one year and a decrease in visual acuity the next. Bringing your child in for regular exams can prevent the academic impact of poor vision. Also, use this time to get an eye exam for yourself. Even adults should visit an optometrist at least once every other year to identify vision problems or diseases that can develop over time.

Change Your Look With New Glasses

If you have corrective lenses, one of the easiest ways to update your look is with new frames. Because the shape of your face will influence the best frame design for you, you'll need to try on various frames in person to get the best look. If you want to forgo eyeglasses completely, ask our optometrist if contacts are a good option for you.

Get Your New Look at The Vision Place Today!

Are you ready to start a new year? Get a better vision and an updated look with an eye exam and new frames. You can prepare yourself and your child for a lifetime of great vision with an eye exam from San Antonio's The Vision Place. Do you have a story for the new academic year? Share it with us.

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