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One Day Lenses

One Day Lenses From Our Eye Doctor in Timberwood

If you're used to wearing the same pair of eyeglasses day in and day out until changes in your prescription finally require an update, you may be surprised to learn that many contact lens wearers consider it routine to wear a pair of contacts once and then throw them away. One day lenses are designed specifically for that purpose, providing not only good vision correction but also the ultimate in convenience and comfort. You'll find one-day lenses among the many contact lens option provided by our eye doctor in Timberwood, Dr. Sandra Palomino.

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Why Consider One Day Lenses?

Contact lenses come in different materials and designs -- and with different usage habits and medical conditions in mind. Some types of contacts can be worn for days or even weeks at a time, while others are permanent lenses meant to be removed, thoroughly sterilized, and then re-inserted on a regular basis. You can also get extended-wear soft contacts that remain in the eye for several days. nights at a time and are then thrown away and replaced with a fresh pair. But one day lenses, also known as daily disposable or single-use disposable lenses, have some distinct advantages over these other products. You should give this option serious consideration if:

  • Your eyes and eyelids are sensitive to debris accumulation on contacts (which can occur no matter how careful your cleaning methods may be)
  • You dislike the idea of trying to sleep with your contact lenses in
  • You don't have the time or inclination to clean and sterilize lenses for re-use
  • You have a relatively mild, straightforward or easily-corrected form of refractive error

Our Eye Doctor in Timberwood Can Advise You

One day lenses ensure that you always have a clean, fresh, pre-sterilized pair of contacts each and every day, which is a smart way to optimize your eye health and comfort. They also eliminate any potential confusion as to when you should change or clean your contacts. But they're not necessarily for everybody, which is why you need to consult our eye doctor in Timberwood.

A contact lens exam can tell us whether your eyes are well suited for this form of vision correction, or whether a "hard to fit" condition might call for a more specialized type of lens. We can provide you with whatever type of contacts make the most sense for your needs and will give you the best possible experience. Whether you end up getting one-day lenses (as so many of our patients do) or another type of lens, we will instruct you on the product's proper use so you can wear your contacts safely and comfortably.

Call The Vision Place to Learn More About One Day Lenses

The Vision Place can help you enjoy optimal vision, one day at a time. Call (210) 764-6013 to learn more about one-day lenses and schedule a contact lens exam!

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