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Cataracts FAQs

The Vision Place in San Antonio Answers Questions about Cataracts

Welcome to The Vision Place, your San Antonio eye care center. We have answers to all your questions about cataracts and how to correct this leading cause of United States vision loss.

Cataracts FAQs

What Exactly are Cataracts?

Cataracts are a clouding of the lens located behind the colored part of the eye known as the iris. Cataracts can blur your vision and sometimes only occur in one eye, but they can also develop in both eyes at the same time.

Are There Signs that Would Alert Me if I have Cataracts?

Objects appearing less clear than normal can indicate if you have cataracts. Additionally, you might notice that your TV screen or walls appear less colorful than in the past. Perhaps you also experience increased glare sensitivity, especially at night. Your overall nighttime vision capability also might decline.

What Tests Will Your Optometry Clinic Use to Identify Vision Problems?

We will perform a comprehensive exam using objects, light, and machines. This will show us how well your eye muscles work together and at what distances you can clearly see. It will also allow us to determine if you have any diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes or hypertension that are causing blurriness. We also will inspect how well your pupils dilate, which can help us determine what conditions are most causing your vision loss.

Your optometry specialist might also conduct a peripheral visual field test that involves placing objects in different positions on the front and sides of your eyes. Some equipment used for detecting a variety of issues such as cataracts are the slit lamp and ophthalmoscope machines.

What Kinds of Cataract Eye Care is Available in San Antonio?

Unless the present cataract causes you to not drive well at night and interferes with your daily activities, you don’t need to worry about removing cataracts. However, you do have the choice of two different types of surgeries for cataracts that do interfere with your life.

One surgical method is the small inclusion cataract surgery, which involves placement of a probe in the eye after making a tiny cut on the side of your cornea. Then, ultrasound waves break down your lens, and this dissolved lens is suctioned out of your eye. Another procedure called the extracapsular surgery entails making a larger incision to remove the whole lens at once for replacement by a clear plastic lens.

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