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Contact Lens Exam FAQ

Trust Your San Antonio Optometrist: Our Contact Lens Exam FAQ

Coming in to see your San Antonio optometrist means you have the perfect opportunity to ask all of the questions you have about your eye care, eye health, and contact lenses. Our team is here to help you. At The Vision Place, we aim to ensure you fully understand what to expect and what type of care you’ll get. Below are some frequently asked questions about contacts and lens screenings.

Contact Lens Exam FAQ

Will the Eye Doctor in San Antonio Give You Contacts?

Not everyone qualifies to wear contacts. When you visit your eye doctor in San Antonio, the first step will be to determine if your eyes are healthy enough for contacts. We’ll also talk to you about your vision concerns. Some people with severe vision limitations or unique eye structures may not be able to get contact lenses. Most people who wear prescription glasses will qualify, but this depends on what your eye doctor discovers during your exam.

Why Do You Need Contact Lens Exams?

Contact lens exams are different from general vision screenings and eye exams. Not only do they ensure that your eyes are healthy and set your prescription for contacts, but these exams also must take specific measurements of your eyes to find the right fit for contacts. We also will need to help you place contacts and determine how well they fit, feel, and function for you. We’ll examine your eyes both with contact lenses in place and without them.

How Long Is an Exam?

Most of the time, contact lens exams take about 20 to 30 minutes. This may be more if we need to dilate your eyes for eye health screenings. You may also need a contact lens fitting.

Will You Need a Contact Lens Fitting as Well?

A contact lens fitting is a secondary appointment that many people need. It is very important to learn how to properly care for your lenses, how to place them in your eye, and how to remove them. We also want to make sure that you understand proper hygiene as it relates to your eyes. We’ll take a close look at the contacts when they are in your eyes to ensure they are providing the right type of fit for you as well. If you will need specialty contact lens, a contact lens fitting becomes even more important. This includes corrective lenses of all types for those who may have keratoconus, astigmatism, or dry eye.

When Should You See Your Optometrist in San Antonio?

We recommend seeing your optometrist in San Antonio at least one time per year. This is for routine exams, but also to adjust your prescription as needed. We often recommend coming in more frequently if you have any discomfort or changes to your vision.

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