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Sports Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses for Sports at The Vision Place

Sports activities are all about performing up to your highest capabilities, not only against competitors but also so you can meet and exceed your own personal best. Vision problems such as refractive errors can get in the way of that goal, not to mention the everyday glare that can impair your outdoor sports performance. If your chosen activity makes eyeglasses or sunglasses a cumbersome proposition, it’s time to consider ordering some contact lenses for sports from your friends at The Vision Place.

Sports Contact Lenses

Advantages of Contact Lenses in Athletic Activities

While it’s certainly possible to equip yourself with high-quality prescription or non-prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses for the athletic field, contact lenses actually offer some distinct advantages of this form of eyewear. These benefits include:

  • An unobstructed view – Eyeglasses can provide a clear field of view only to the edge of the frames, at which point the lens curvature and the frames themselves can interfere. Contacts give you an unobstructed, undistorted view all the way out to your peripheral vision.
  • Greater comfort – Properly-fitted contacts are completely comfortable at all times, without any distracting weight and pressure on the ears or nose.
  • No concerns about impacts or breakage – Even shatter-proof glasses can break if they’re hit hard enough — at which point they can inflict injuries. Contacts eliminate this concern.
  • No fogging – Unlike eyeglasses, which can fog up when the humidity and temperature change, contacts can keep you seeing clearly in all weather.
  • Compatibility with headgear – Eyeglasses don’t always fit well with helmets or other headgear. Contacts stay completely out of your way.

Specialized Features for Optimal Sports Vision

In addition to the basic benefits you can enjoy from contact lenses, our eye care center can also provide extra options to help you get the most of our your eyesight when playing — even if you don’t require vision correction. That’s because we offer tinted and/or filtered contacts to block glare and boost contrast levels. If you play on grass or look into the sky a lot, for example, amber lenses can help clarify objects against these backgrounds. Gray-green lenses are a great “all-around” solution because they reduce glare evenly across the spectrum while preserving as much color perception as possible.

Get Your Sports Contacts at Our Eye Shavano Park Eye Care Center

No lens option is right for everybody, so it’s important to take all factors into consideration when choosing sports contact lenses. For instance, the UV protection provided by sports contacts only extends to the area actually covered by the lenses, so you may want to add a hat or even (if your activity permits it) a pair of non-prescription glasses. You’ll also need a contact lens exam and fitting whether your lenses are prescription or non-prescription. Our eye care center is happy to provide these services for Shavano Park neighborhood and all of San Antonio, so call 210-764-1113 today!

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