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Eye Glasses

At The Vision Place, we’re your go-to optometrist in San Antonio for all your eye care needs. From routine eye and vision screenings to more intensive eye care services, our experienced staff is committed to providing you and your family with quality care every time you come in.

Eye Glasses

Are You in Need of Eye Glasses?

One of the most common services that brings clients into our office is that of our comprehensive eye exams, which are performed by our skilled optician. We typically recommend eye exams for patients at least once a year, as these are a great way to make sure your ocular health is strong and that there are no signs of potential problems. As part of our eye exams, we’ll also evaluate your vision, so if you need corrective lenses (such as eye glasses or contacts) or a new prescription, we can take care of that right here in our office.

Even if you haven’t noticed any changes in your vision and aren’t experiencing any eye problems, annual eye exams with an eye doctor are still recommended to stay on top of your eye and vision health.

Shop at Our San Antonio Optical Store

If it turns out you are in need of new eye glasses or contacts, our optical store has a wide selection of frames from which to choose, so you can select your new frames the same day you have your eye exam. No matter what your sense of style is like, we can assist you in finding frames that suit your needs and budget. From contemporary and traditional to vintage, modern, and trendy styles, we have plenty of frames to select from for men, women, and children alike.

We often recommend that you come into our optical store with a good idea of the types of frames that suit your face shape. Generally, choosing frames to complement your face shape is the most flattering option. For example, if you have a round face shape, then glasses with sharper angles (such as square or cat’s-eye frames) can be extremely flattering. On the other hand, those with square face shapes may be better suited in a pair of glasses with rounded frames.

If you need assistance in selecting your ideal eyeglass frames, not to worry! Our team of eye care professionals at our Shavano Park optometrist is happy to help you find frames that suit your sense of style, your face, and your specific budget! We also carry frames from your favorite designers, including:

  • Nine West
  • Michael Kors
  • Gucci
  • Bebe
  • Oakley
  • and many more!

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