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Pink Eye Treatment

Pink Eye Treatment At The Vision Place

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is a highly contagious condition that requires treatment from our optometrist to relieve symptoms and stop them from spreading to others. Contact The Vision Place in San Antonio to meet with our eye doctor if you are suffering from signs of pink eye. Here is some information about this condition including why optometry care is important in treating the problem effectively.

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The Symptoms Of Pink Eye

Pink eye has many symptoms that could cause a person suffering from the condition distress in the form of discomfort or pain. Usually, there is redness to the eyes when pink eye is present. Itchiness or the feeling as if something is inside of the eye could occur as well. Many people suffer from a discharge from an eye affected by conjunctivitis. This may harden around the eyes when slumbering, requiring a warm washcloth to remove it upon awakening. Light sensitivity may also occur.

Avoid Spreading The Condition

It is important to try avoiding the spread of this condition if someone in the household is suffering from it. Do not share any items used around the eyes such as contact lenses, sunglasses, or cosmetics. Each person should use their own towel, washcloth, or hand towel and launder it after using it so the bacteria transmitted to the material is not touched by someone else.

Inform everyone who comes into contact with an infected person to avoid touching their eyes or around their eyes. Wash hands several times a day with soap and hot water to help in the avoidance of spreading the condition from one to another.

What Optometry Care Can Do

Seeing our optometrist if you believe you are suffering from pink eye will confirm whether you indeed have this condition. Our practitioner will conduct a full evaluation of your eyes and ask you about the symptoms you are suffering from. If pink eye is to blame, you will be provided with medication to help clear up the problem in its entirety.

Many people try to wait for the condition to stop at home, increasing the possibility of contaminating surfaces that could be accessed by others. If the condition is only present in one eye, it could be easily spread to the other as well. Prompt treatment with medicated eye drops is the best way to stop the problem from spreading and to get fast relief from discomfort.

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